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BIGGA Turf Management Exhibition (BTME)
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  • 09/12/2015 10:15AM December advice from Alan Abel Alan Abel, a Complete Weed Control franchisee for over thirty years, gives his advice for turf managers over the festive period. The past six weeks have brought nothing but torrential rain which has been bad news for golf clubs and sports pitches all over the UK. Many golf clubs have had to close because of rainfall and football and rugby pitches come under real pressure. Many grass roots games may be cancelled so revenue will be hit badly for clubs in the run up to the Christmas holidays. We all hope for just a break from the Atlantic lows and storms that we have recently seen. Even today the waves are breaking over the seafront at Porthcawl: but the sky is, well, nearly blue. At least the wind will help dry things - or is it blowing in another front?For turf managers; the weather has caused lots of headaches with machinery unable to travel on rain soaked and flooded grou‎nd. A dry spell is very much needed by everyone - even if it results in cold weather. At least it would be more beneficial compared to what we have just now.  Grass and weeds are still growing in areas, and with many council’s carrying out their last cut in October, the verges and open spaces will be difficult to bring into order come Easter. Moss is much‎ more prevalent these days, not only due to the damp weather, but because our air is so much cleaner than it used to be. The Clean Air Act has meant that acid rain is a thing of the past and moss spores thrive in the conditions we now have. Also, with dichlorophen no longer used to combat moss, we are left with products that do a decent job but not an excellent one. See link for products and application rates - recommended moss control productsWorm control has been difficult since the wet weather began and it would seem as though we are in for a long season. Worm casts are the ideal seed bed for weed seedlings so suppressing casts is an important part of a spraying programme. Carbendazim is the active ingredient, and a penetrant is always advisable to add to the mixture, to ensure that the pesticide gets into the soil as well as the usual pH buffer to ‎make the water more acidic and therefore produce your desired result. The use of the correct nozzle and water rate is also important.  Fusarium has also ‎been apparent on fine turf surfaces such as golf greens and bowling greens. With the mild temperatures and some growth, patches have been recovering quite quickly. It is always worth applying different fungicides to avoid a build-up of ‎resistance. The Grandfather Rights date has now passed and new laws are in force and so trainers in NPTC pesticide application have seen a marked increase in business. Where someone hasn't gone through the relevant training and certification is where Complete Weed Control can help. We have teams all over the country that are all Amenity Assured who are happy to give advice and apply the necessary pesticide within the law. We also have our winter maintenance and gritting services available – Complete Ice Control and will be at BTME in January on stand number C48 with our new Complete Grounds Maintenance service.Have a great Christmas and New Year and hopefully we will see you in Harrogate.  Read More
  • 02/12/2015 17:00PM Complete Weed Control bring new service to BTME 2016 Complete Weed Control recently launched a new service - Complete Grounds Maintenance, and visitors to stand C48 at BTME will get the opportunity to discover how beneficial this all-encompassing service could prove to be. Visitors will also be able to learn more about Complete Ice Control - a reliable and trusted local gritting service to deal with snow and ice worries, along with Complete Invasives Control and Complete Moss Control. These services were all launched in response to huge demand.“Many of our customers are already benefiting from a number of additional services such as clearance, repair works to gates and fences, grass cutting and pruning etc. Now is a great time for growth and we are responding to this by formalising the offering of new services. We wanted an all-round solution where we’ve got a service provision covered from top to bottom. We now have this with Complete Grounds Maintenance,” said managing director Ian Graham.Complete Grounds Maintenance is a new service that delivers a comprehensive range of grounds maintenance services on a national scale including grass cutting and grass growth control; selective, invasive and total weed control; moss control; shrub pruning; winter maintenance – such as grit spreading and snow clearance; litter picking and Baseguard – a unique solution for rubber crumb surfaces.The launch of Complete Grounds Maintenance will come as welcome news to customers who can now have just one supplier for all of their grounds maintenance requirements. No more searching high and low for various contractors to fulfil each of these services, which can be time consuming and expensive – simply sit back and let Complete Grounds Maintenance do ALL of the work for you.Find out more by calling Complete Grounds Maintenance on Free Phone 0800 031 6633 or visit For more information, please contact our National office on 01325 324 277. You can also follow CWC on Twitter @CWCLimited for much more news, reviews and insightful views. Read More
  • 18/11/2015 16:12PM Complete Weed Control work with worlds greenest football club Forest Green Rovers FC, the world’s most sustainable football club, has chosen to obtain the services of Complete Weed Control. For the last five years, Forest Green Rovers’ mission has been to become the greenest football team in the world. In fact everything about the club says green, from its name to its club strip to the idyllic rolling hills of the Cotswolds that provide a back drop to the club’s stadium in the Gloucestershire town of Nailsworth. Sustainability can be found in every corner of The New Lawn Stadium; you will find no red meat at the concession stands, solar panels power the stadium, a battery powered robot mows the pitch - and it is this organic pitch that Complete Weed Control have been assigned to keep in pristine condition.  Matt Rainey, head groundsman at Forest Green Rovers FC, is no stranger to Complete Weed Control. Matt has worked with the company for over a decade and when he landed the head groundsman’s position at Forest Green Rovers, one of his first decisions was to bring Complete Weed Control on-board.“The decision to bring Compete Weed Control over to Forest Green Rovers was a no brainer really. The service and aftercare has always been outstanding. They are always just a phone call away and always go over and above the call of duty,” said Matt.Complete Weed Control’s role at the club has differed somewhat to the previous services they have carried out for Matt. In his previous positions, Matt has seen Complete Weed Control operatives applying treatments to eradicate all weeds and unsightly moss. However, Matt now does all of his weeding by hand, due to the club ethos of no pesticides. But the eradication of weeds is just one of many services the Complete Weed Control team undertake. More and more clubs like Forest Green Rovers are turning to the company in order to carry out all ‘spraying applications’ on the pitch, which includes regular applications of fertilisers and soil amendments. It certainly means Matt has more time on his hands to concentrate on other tasks.“We research and source every product that goes on to the pitch and that includes a feed consisting of our compost tea products. There are around ten products which need to be applied to the pitch and if I’m doing it with a walk over spray then that is literally a day gone. I just can’t afford a day at the moment and with the guys from Complete Weed Control coming in – it means I can spend a day doing something else,” says Matt.As well has having the benefit of saving Matt time, he believes that the services of Complete Weed Control are extremely cost effective and also eliminate a great deal of stress.“It’s all the paperwork that comes with it that we don’t have to deal with. By using Complete Weed Control, it certainly takes the headache out of health and safety. Plus they’ve got the correct equipment which doesn’t warrant me spending our budget on.”For more information, please contact Complete Weed Control’s National office on 01325 324 277 or visit You can also follow CWC on Twitter @CWCLimited for more news, reviews and insightful views. Read More
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