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  • 04/03/2015 10:01AM Complete Weed Control Announcement It is with great regret that we can confirm one of our operatives, Ollie Floyd, yesterday died at the Celtic Manor resort following an incident which saw a spraying vehicle roll into a lake on the Twenty Ten Course. The incident is clearly subject to an ongoing investigation which Complete Weed Control and Celtic Manor are co-operating with fully. Our thoughts are with the family at this extremely sad and very difficult time. A further statement will be issued in due course. Read More
  • 11/02/2015 10:37AM Complete Weed Control Invests in the Future Complete Weed Control has always used a bespoke system to track work through its many regional offices. However, with the advent of mobile applications and improvements with mobile data access; a brand new system is in the pipeline.  With thousands of customers throughout the UK and Ireland, it is essential to have a good system to control records. Increasingly though; the company have wanted to offer their customers far more than just their basic requirements. “For some time we have had an online record system allowing clients to view spray records for certain types of work,” said managing director Ian Graham. “However, we wanted to expand this to provide more functionality for a much greater cross section of our customer base.”The system will utilise tablet based hardware to access a web native system  that can be used to rapidly pass data around the network,  ensuring that enquiries are dealt with as quickly as possible.  The ability to produce quotations in the field and send them electronically to the client will be another great benefit of the new system.  Operators will be able to upload information in real time with regard to the progress of work, with the ability to attach images to spray records as a feature. Established in 1972, Complete Weed Control is the largest specialist weed control and vegetation management company in the UK. Each franchise operates to a common set of standards and procedures in providing a comprehensive service of weed control, plant pest and disease control, hydro-seeding and other related services to their customer base. These clients include sporting venues, local authorities, schools, airfields, cemeteries, industrial sites, highways & parks. This nationwide service remains unique in its local delivery of expertise.The new information available to Complete Weed Control’s vast customer base will be second to none. Read More
  • 03/02/2015 11:47AM A busy 2015 ahead The dust has barely settled after a busy BTME and it\'s time for the Six Nations once again. All eyes will be on the magnificent Millennium Stadium and the new Desso pitch which will be under the spotlight. Following a recent visit by Complete Weed Control, the playing surface is in sparkling condition and ready for action. The rugby year culminates in the World Cup and it promises to be a fantastic spectacle spread all over the country utilising many different stadia. With all winter sports‎ getting to the \'sharp end\' of the season, everyone expects the playing surfaces to be in great condition. This gives Turf Managers massive headaches - especially as we are heading into ‘proper’ winter conditions and temperatures are dropping. Keeping the sward in top condition is paramount. There are many products available as witnessed by us all at Harrogate. However, the right choice for your particular sports arena depends on so many different parameters. Soil sampling is the first way to decide what nutrients may or may NOT be required. Samples of the leaf itself can show up the stress it may be under and then decisions can be made on how to best treat the pitch. As usual, a close eye must be kept on the latest pesticide news. By June 2016, the whole \'selective\' herbicide market will change. Many of the phenoxy type ingredients of the usual three-way mixes that we are all accustomed to using will no longer be available.  This will mean that the new herbicides that have been used sparingly over the last few seasons will come to the fore. Florasulam and fluroxypyr will be the main guns in the arsenal to fight broad leaf weeds in turf. They are excellent; but will produce a sharp intake of breath when the cost per hectare is discussed in the future. With pesticides in mind, it is worth noting that the Amenity Forum is holding a series of seminars throughout the country. This group gives all of the latest information: updates from CRD (Chemical Directorate) as well as the latest legislation and other Voluntary Initiative information. They are very worthwhile to attend for all seeking to deepen their industry knowledge. Visit or contact Independent Secretary Alan Spedding - to sign up for the nearest meeting to you. February is the month when planning for the new season ahead is in full swing across all facets of our industry. What fertiliser programme?What herbicide choice?Who can do my soil sampling? What if ice or snow threatens the fixture?Complete Weed Control and our Complete Ice Control teams are on hand throughout the country and able to answer all these questions. They can offer the practical solutions on applying all products safely and accurately on all sports surfaces using the most up to date technology. We have also a nationwide network for all gritting requirements. Please see more information on our website and enter your post code to find your local specialist‎. Have a great 2015 and be ready for all that Mother Nature can throw at us.  Read More
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