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Saltex 2014
Exclusive targeted weed control using computer controlled spot weeding technology

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  • 01/08/2014 10:14AM 2014 - An Old Fashioned Summer at Last! Its past mid-summer and the grasses are looking burnt, with the odd storm rejuvenating them briefly. The sporting summer of 2014 has been an amazing spectacle and all but completed, with the winter sport season about to begin. Glasgow has shone for the Games and Royal Liverpool and Royal Porthcawl looked magnificent for both the Opens. It’s not long until the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles, so it’s getting to the sharp end for the greenkeeping team up there. Here, Alan Abel from Complete Weed Control gives his monthly advice on what to look out for. We have seen an early season this year for weed control, as temperatures rose in April and a lot of selective weed control took place. But that\'s 4 months ago and they are running out of steam, especially where clover has germinated later than broad leaf weeds. It might now be necessary to contemplate a second spray in some situations. Where clover is the only problem, then it is so obvious that spot treatment is effective. It’s also the time of year that the invasives can become more obtrusive. The Giant Hogweed has flowered, while the Himalayan Balsam is in the ‘pink’ and spreading at a rate of knots. Japanese Knotweed is very obvious but is late to flower, maybe due to lack of moisture in the ground. Every season is so different, and plants respond in different ways. That\'s why timing of herbicide applications is of the essence and needs to so precise due to their rising cost. This is where passing this type of specialist work to a contractor pays dividends, as they have the expertise and know the different treatments available best suited to your needs.Despite the loss of some of the well-known herbicides like Tordon 22k and Timbrel to name only two, there are other new products on the market that need stewardship before supplying and must be used by professionals. Complete Weed Control has a national network of franchisees ready to survey any situation and offer a solution to any weed, pest or disease problems. Disease in fine turf will be prevalent in the early autumn. All turf managers of these areas should be looking at the health of the plant going into these periods of high incidences of disease. By making the grass stronger with the use of Harpins, fertilisers, turf hardeners and other products, this will protect the swards from being attacked by pathogens. This all comes under the umbrella of the Sustainable Use Directive (SUDS) from the EU. Using more cultural methods and trying to reduce the input of fungicides is the aim of the directive. This goes for all of the amenity market. You could also look at Integrated Pest Management to try and reduce our reliance on pesticides in general. It’s not long until SALTEX at Windsor Racecourse, and all that promises. Let\'s hope for good weather again for all the exhibitors.For more information, please contact Complete Weed Control’s National office on 01325 324 277 or visit You can also follow CWC on Twitter @CWCLimited for much more news, reviews and insightful views. Read More
  • 23/07/2014 16:58PM Complete Weed Control Urge Visitors to Reduce Costs at SALTEX Always a popular stop on the SALTEX stand tour, Complete Weed Control on stand C70, are urging visitors to book a time slot into their ‘Weed Clinic’ to not only keep up-to-date with the demands of legislation but also find out ways of being more cost effective when it comes to controlling problem weeds.The company will be discussing innovative ways of working with reduced local authority and sport budgets whilst still maintaining high standards of weed control and spraying applications.Following last year’s announcement that the company was set to make the Weed-IT technology available to councils and contractors in the UK and Ireland for the first time, the company are now looking to appoint suitable dealers.The Weed-IT machine has been a revolution in weed control application technology for almost twenty years, combining a very accurate and rapid weed detecting technology to spot spray weeds in a highly efficient manner. With new labels for glyphosate stating the need for spot application as opposed to blanket application, the need for this system has never been higher.Also on show will be the company’s baseguard product. baseguard allows water and nutrients through its porous structure to the roots below, negating the issues associated with compaction. Tree wells are often choked with leaves, cigarette ends and other debris, especially when fitted with iron grilles. baseguard, however, fills these voids and can be installed in conjunction with grilles when the tree is planted, or as a retrofit.In recent months the baseguard system has been used for much larger applications than simply tree surrounds, with access roads to sports pitches at Chelsea FC’s training ground as well as footpaths and play areas at schools being just some of its uses. Read More
  • 01/07/2014 11:08AM The War on Weeds and other Pests With summer having arrived safely throughout the UK following a wet May, growth is exceptional. Here, Alan Abel from Complete Weed Control gives his monthly advice on what to look out for.Council cut-backs are showing up across the country making driving even more hazardous than usual. With species like hogweed, thistles, docks, etc. growing quicker and higher than grasses; a judicious spray of a selective herbicide mixed with trinexapac-ethyl PGR is the way forward. It would increase safety by a huge percentage and save money for councils as the grass would be lower and less dense when a cut finally became necessary.This practice is a proven mix and will be a major player in the control of amenity grass and weed growth throughout many county council spheres of work including housing areas and open spaces. When budgets are being attacked so severely, people must look outside the box and see what is available that is both cost effective and does the job. Staying with Councils, the \'lowest price\' seems to be the way they are going when awarding some contracts. But this does not always mean the cheapest option for them in the long run. Their officers may have to run around more to ensure the job is happening and being carried out as per the specification.  Depending how much of the above occurs and how many complaints are received at the switchboard, the actual cost may end being considerably higher than the original tender price. With so many hoops to jump through, as a contractor, applying pesticides safely throughout the UK and Ireland, CWC have achieved the Amenity Approved Standard, ISO 9001 and 14002 across all our Franchisees. We adhere to these standards every day, and NOT just the day of the audit. With our WEED-IT technology blazing a trail down many street pavements, our franchisees comply with EU legislation and the new herbicide labelling on glyphosate products. The law is that only spot treatment of weeds on hard surfaces is permitted. This law, as long as it is adhered to by ALL personnel applying Glyphosate to street pavements and other hard surfaces, will prolong the life of glyphosate. If it is used incorrectly and perhaps blanket sprayed, then it may be found in water courses. The water framework directive gives the Environment Agency the power to closely look for pesticides in water. The result could be the withdrawal of glyphosate from use. This would be disastrous for all of us, resulting in much higher food prices as agriculture would be hit hard and the cost of keeping the streets and high profile amenity areas clear of weeds would be colossal. Read More
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