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Japanese Knot Weed and Danelion
Exclusive targeted weed control using computer controlled spot weeding technology

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  • 26/01/2015 14:30PM Complete Weed Control Launch Two New Services Due to an overwhelming increase in the demand for moss control and invasive weed control, Complete Weed Control (CWC) have launched two new services combined with new websites so that end users can obtain a comprehensive view of each of them.Complete Weed Control, the UK’s largest weed control contractor, operates its weed control and weed removal services throughout the UK and Ireland and these two new in-demand services are testament to the company’s dominance in the marketplace.It is not the first time that the company has listened and responded to customer requirements. Complete Ice Control was launched by the CWC group in response to the overwhelming need for a professional, reliable and trusted local gritting service to deal with snow and ice worries. This entity of the business now operates in over 50 areas throughout the UK and Ireland using the best tools and technology available.Complete Invasives Control will specialise in the removal of persistent invasive plants such as Giant Hogweed, Himalayan Balsam, Ragwort, Rhododendron and in particular Japanese Knotweed which is regarded as the single most problematic invasive species in the UK. Japanese Knotweed will grow practically anywhere and everywhere and is a frequent problem for many land managers. As more and more seek to control the plant species, Complete Invasive Control offers a solution by providing a comprehensive package of education, containment and management of this highly destructive plant.The Complete Invasives Control website will provide much more than just an overview of its services. Visitors to the site will be able to improve their knowledge base on invasive species through a research and development blog by NPTC qualified Dan Jones from Swansea University. Not only could it help land managers identify problematic plants but it will also offer a fantastic insight into the latest technologies and methods used to control invasive species.Moss is a widespread problem, especially for golf clubs with paved terraces and paving, local authorities with council properties, tennis courts and historic properties with delicate brickworks; in fact anywhere where the moss can be hazardous to the public. Not only can it be dangerous but it is also unsightly. It is for these reasons that Complete Moss Control was born. Anyone suffering from an invasion of moss at their premises will be able to visit the new department’s website where they will be able to gain a comprehensive view of the problem. Advice and information on how the company can help solve the problem will also be available.      Commenting on the two new services, managing director Ian Graham said: “These two areas of our business have seen a significant increase over recent years. It is for that reason that we are opening them to a wider audience; our customers will now be able to receive great advice and solutions to these all too common problems.”You can also follow Complete Weed Control on Twitter @CWCLimited and view the company’s YouTube channel at Read More
  • 08/01/2015 14:38PM New Marketing Assistant at Complete Weed Control Complete Weed Control, the UK’s largest weed control contractor, has announced the appointment of Susan Hall as marketing assistant. Susan will be supporting the franchisees as well as contributing to marketing activities.After spells in sales and customer service which saw her working in France and Spain, Susan returned to England where she worked extensively in the customer care sector. She then trained as a children’s audiologist and moved into special education where she worked with vulnerable young people. Prior to her new role with Complete Weed Control, Susan focused on events and promotional sales for a local newspaper.Compete Weed Control, the UK’s largest weed control contractor, has 48 UK based regional teams and a further 2 operating in the Republic of Ireland. With such a widespread operational force, support from head office is often sought from the regional teams and Susan is relishing the opportunity of assisting them in every possible way.“I hope to enhance the already professional team at CWC and I can’t wait to meet all of the regional teams. I’m also really looking forward to learning all aspects about the business. I think this role will enable me to acquire new skills and knowledge,” she said.Commenting on Susan’s appointment, managing director Ian Graham said: “We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and also the way in which we provide on-going support for all of our regional teams. Not only does Susan have great commercial experience, which will benefit our marketing activities, but her fantastic personality and genuine desire to help others will be of great advantage to not only our customers but all at Complete Weed Control.”You can also follow Complete Weed Control on Twitter @CWCLimited and view the company’s YouTube channel at Read More
  • 23/12/2014 09:46AM 2014 and going into 2015 - Advice from Alan Abel Well, we’ve reached the end of another year and entering a new start in 2015. We have seen the weather in 2014 be kinder to turf managers than the previous few. ‎Moreover, the weather has prolonged the warm season; with the first serious widespread frost not appearing until the last week of November. Here Alan Abel from Complete Weed Control gives his thoughts.Regardless, we are entering an intense period of sporting fixtures and groundsmen and greenkeepers are under extreme pressure to keep their pitches, golf courses and sporting venues in the best possible condition. With such intense scrutiny with regards to games on television, any discrepancy will show up, only adding to that pressure.Clearly, this is no easy feat as grasses are under stress from cold and wet weather and soil temperatures are plummeting (that\'s if you haven\'t got luxury of undersoil heating‎!)If necessary, call your local CWC Office and they can send soil samples away for analysis if you think something is wrong with your sward growth. So much is occurring underground that without the benefit of science; anything could go unnoticed until it’s too late.There are many potentially harmful ailments that can have a seriously detrimental effect on turf quality: harmful nematodes, leatherjackets or chafer grubs and‎ fungal attacks from anthracnose, fusarium or lithium to name just a few. Simply put, the healthier your grasses are, the more likely they are to ward off any potential aliments.This is where the buzz phrase “Integrated Pest Management” (IPM) comes in. If you can use substances to keep the sward healthy; this reduces the need for fungicides that are typically expensive and can quickly eat into the Turf Managers\' budget. A programme of sea weeds, phosphites and Harpins is available and can put you in a \'win-win\' situation - bolstering sward resistance to attack and improving overall quality.On the topic of IPM, 2015 sees the Sustainable Use Directive come into play with legislation on the use of pesticides and clamping down on who can purchase them. People will need to show their NPTC spray certificates to obtain any kind of pesticide. Also the \'Grandfather Rights\' will no longer apply so training will be uppermost in people\'s minds. Sprayer testing will be the norm, with annual MOT\'S for boom sprayers now becoming mandatory.  These new Laws are necessary to save our industry from being bereft of the tools needed to keep our sports grounds as good as they are now‎. To lose some essential active ingredients due to careless spraying would be bad for all of us. Once these pesticides go off the market, they don\'t ever come back.    The Water Framework Directive from the EU is probably the biggest driver in what is happening throughout the country with regards to water quality testing. The Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales are constantly looking for pesticides in water and know when and where spikes occur. Having met an officer in the back of beyond in rural Wales who approached me when seeing the sprayer‎, he told me that the instances of MCPA, CMPP and Dicamba were showing up in high concentrations throughout the Welsh river network.  What was surprising is that glyphosate was not on their radar. This does not mean that it won\'t be in the future but that spot treatment of hard surfaces is a requirement under new glyphosate labelling and must be obeyed at all costs. That is where the Complete Weed Control WEED- IT machine comes into its own as the world\'s leading piece of herbicide application technology. The machine can meet, and in many cases exceed, the EU requirement of reducing the amount of glyphosate active ingredient onto hard surfaces. The fact that it targets chlorophyll means that within seconds the herbicide is absorbed into the plant with NO run off and NO need for blanket spraying.Without a doubt, there is a lot to consider as we enter a New Year, and as usual we are ever in the hands of Mother Nature and what she throws at us.  Don’t forget to visit The gritting and snow clearance season is upon us again and all we can do is be ahead of the game and ready for any eventuality. Complete Weed Control will be at BTME in Harrogate from January 20-22 on stand C48.We are also on Twitter @CWCLimited  Read More
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