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  • 02/06/2016 12:30PM New administration Co-ordinator for Complete Weed Control Complete Weed Control has announced the appointment of Jaylan Crompton as its new Administration Co-ordinator. Jaylan brings a wealth of experience to the role along with the key skills required to work at the head office of the UK’s largest weed control contracting organisation.  Her previous position saw her working as an executive assistant to a HR director, in which she managed confidential information on the company’s employees, managed the director’s diary and fulfilled a number of other duties to assist the director’s busy work schedule.Having moved to the North East of England last year, Jaylan was keen to bring her organisation skills to a new job role. “I’ve been an executive assistant for a very long time and I wanted to move out of the role and use my organisation skills but on a higher level. Fortunately, Ian Graham (Complete Weed Control’s Managing Director) has afforded me the opportunity to work here. I’m really looking forward to branching out and focussing on a more specific role which will have a greater relevance to my skillset,” said Jaylan.As well as overseeing all administration duties, including the smooth running of company procedures and organising the Complete Group’s events and conferences, Jaylan will also be further strengthening the support that Complete Weed Control provides to its franchisees. With over 48 UK based franchises and a further two operating in the Republic of Ireland, Complete Weed Control has the largest operational force in the industry. The Complete Group’s unrivalled dedication and support is frequently relied upon and praised by its franchisees and customers. Jaylan revealed that she is looking forward to playing an integral role.“I’ve already spoken with and introduced myself to quite a number of the franchisees.  I’m dealing with all of the enquiries that come through the websites, as well as looking at tender notifications and notifying the group of any opportunities. It’s rewarding being able to help them to grow their businesses.”“I like the fact that we are dealing with independent companies - it’s really interesting to learn how they work separately but are all linked together through head office and their common principles. It allows them to tailor the service to the individual client with fantastic local support.”Jaylan, a keen horse rider and huge fan of movies, also revealed that she loves the working environment on offer at the head office in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham. “I really enjoy the working environment at Complete Weed Control. I admire the working attitude of everyone who works here and the communication between head office and franchisees is excellent. It already feels like I’m really involved in the company as opposed to it being just a job. It’s like one big family and I’m so pleased to be a part of it,” she said.For more information, please contact Complete Weed Control’s National office on 01325 324 277 or visit can also follow Complete Weed Control on Twitter @CWCLimited and view the company’s YouTube channel at Read More
  • 25/05/2016 08:50AM Early Easter doesn't mean it is spring! Alan Abel from Complete Weed Control gives turf managers advice following the early Easter period.With some warm sunshine during early April it seems as though spring has finally sprung. But with frost later in the month and lower than usual temperatures predicted, we cannot get sucked into ‎thinking it's time to apply selective herbicides and complete other spring type actions!With daisies that have ‘over wintered’ and dandelions popping up everywhere it is tempting to get the sprayer out. However, the uptake of the herbicide may not be successful unless perfect conditions are present. That is not only the weather conditions, but the water condition and the sprayer condition. This includes the correct nozzle selection giving the right water volume for the herbicide being applied. Also, don’t forget that if the temperature is going to drop over night after an application, then scorch is likely to take place.  The spray droplets are on or blown to the tips of the grasses or crop and when frost forms, that is what causes the scorch effect. This is a phenomenon that has been seen in many fields after early spray applications by the farming fraternity this year. Scorch will severely set-back the grass growth ‎that we are desperate to have this year, so it MUST be that a spring flush really arrives before the sprayer temptation takes hold. When Easter is early, as it was this year, Turf Managers see that as the starting gun for the season ahead, but it’s not the case. We must wait for the right conditions to prevail and patience is an important virtue.  When discussions where mooted as to the fixing of the Easter date, that would be a good thing in our industry. When the right time does come for applying selectives; then a tank mix with a soluble fertilizer should be considered to get the grass sward really moving. The pH of the water being used is so important and buffers should always be used to bring the water acidity to the correct level.  Manganese and Phosphites that are quickly available to the plant through the leaf would be worth looking for.  It must be brought to your attention that this year will be the last time that the three way mixes of phenoxys that we have been used to will be able to be applied. In 2017 we will see a big turn-around in terms of cost ‎when it comes to weed control in fine and amenity turf areas.  Complete Weed Control can give advice on all the above products and your local specialist can apply the correct product for your individual situation. You can also follow Complete Weed Control on Twitter @CWCLimited and view the company’s YouTube channel at Read More
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