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Services - Grass Growth Control Services UK

Complete Weed Control provide grass growth control services around the UK

The Problem

Sometimes you may wish to reduce the rate at which grass grows.

There are several reasons why this may be desired:

1) To reduce the number of times the grass has to be cut. This is a particular concern on areas which are not easily accessible e.g. next to motorways), or on large areas.
2) To reduce the cost of managing grassed areas. Clearly if the number of cuts can be reduced, then this is should generate cash savings,even when offset against the cost of chemical application.
3) To reduce the carbon footprint of grass management.

The  Solution

Repeated applications of a grass growth regulator can result in:
1) Reduced need for mowing
2) Reduced labour requirement
3) Increased root growth and enhanced root strength
4) A tighter denser sword, resulting in less opportunity for weed growth
5) Improved water use efficiency and maintain plant health in periods of drought
6) Reduced carbon footprint from maintenance operations.

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