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Complete Weed Control Invests in the Future

Complete Weed Control has always used a bespoke system to track work through its many regional offices. However, with the advent of mobile applications and improvements with mobile data access; a brand new system is in the pipeline.  

New mobile applications

With thousands of customers throughout the UK and Ireland, it is essential to have a good system to control records. Increasingly though; the company have wanted to offer their customers far more than just their basic requirements. 

“For some time we have had an online record system allowing clients to view spray records for certain types of work,” said managing director Ian Graham. “However, we wanted to expand this to provide more functionality for a much greater cross section of our customer base.”

The system will utilise tablet based hardware to access a web native system  that can be used to rapidly pass data around the network,  ensuring that enquiries are dealt with as quickly as possible.  The ability to produce quotations in the field and send them electronically to the client will be another great benefit of the new system.  

Operators will be able to upload information in real time with regard to the progress of work, with the ability to attach images to spray records as a feature. 

Established in 1972, Complete Weed Control is the largest specialist weed control and vegetation management company in the UK. Each franchise operates to a common set of standards and procedures in providing a comprehensive service of weed control, plant pest and disease control, hydro-seeding and other related services to their customer base. These clients include sporting venues, local authorities, schools, airfields, cemeteries, industrial sites, highways & parks. This nationwide service remains unique in its local delivery of expertise.

The new information available to Complete Weed Control’s vast customer base will be second to none.

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