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In conversation with Sarah Phillips from our South and Central Wales team

To celebrate International Women’s Day we are shining a light on Sarah Phillips who runs our South and Central Wales region alongside her husband Chris and in partnership with Alan Abel.

Sarah spent her childhood on her parent’s farm and couldn’t wait to get on a tractor. Her thirst for knowledge and a desire to get stuck in meant she participated in most activities, and during her spare time she was an active member of the Young Farmers’ Club.

Sarah said: “It was normal for us but looking back, I recognise my work ethic originated from my childhood, watching on as my parents ran a busy farm negotiating the challenges they faced. The Young Farmers’ Club was great for me as it taught me some valuable skills such as debating and public speaking, which I would take with me into my career.”

Sarah became secretary and treasurer of her club, further satisfying her desire to learn and giving her an insight into how businesses run. Although she enjoyed being outdoors and loved the experience she had gained on her parent’s farm, Sarah didn’t know what she wanted for a career.

Sarah spent two years at college studying business and administration before taking a role in a large animal veterinary surgery. She commented: “I found my way back into the agricultural world and really enjoyed it, although I thought nursing was going to be my next career move and had already been interviewed to start at a private hospital. At the time, my husband Chris was working at Complete weed Control and had been given an opportunity to run his own region. Having worked for the firm for many years we knew this was something we wanted to do but also recognised the challenge.”

Chris would need help; his first choice was his wife Sarah and it didn’t take long to convince her to join him. The pair took over Central Wales, an established region for Complete Weed Control before joining forces with Alan Abel in South Wales to merge the two areas.

Sarah recalls the early days of the newly formed partnership: “Chris and I had never worked together, and he was obviously more experienced in the job. We had a busy region with existing customers, so it was imperative that I get stuck in. I completed my herbicide training and got out there delivering services. I never had a problem keeping up and completed all the tasks required.

“Running a business can be challenging but we had the support of the whole network and that experience helped us tremendously. Whilst we were building relationships and establishing our client base, we relied heavily on head office and neighbouring regions which helped us grow rapidly.”

Asked if being a female has held her back, Sarah responded: “I never think about it. I want us to be the best in the industry and being a female isn’t even a factor for me. There are significantly more men than women in this sector but there’s no physical reason for that. The ratio is changing and I see more and more women within amenity and fine turf, maybe the growth in profile of female sports has helped with this.

“Women are more than capable of doing the job and I would encourage anyone who enjoys the outdoors and has an interest in delivering results driven services to give it a go.”

Complete Weed Control South and Central Wales has established itself as being highly respected and successful in the amenity, private, and commercial sectors. With a commitment to best practice guidelines, attention to detail and a focus on providing excellent customer service, they have strengthened their offerings and grown their business.

The team is comprised of highly skilled professionals who have won awards for their work and pull together to achieve common goals and maintain the company's reputation for excellence. The team's longstanding clients range from private landowners, homeowners, sports clubs, local and national government agencies, schools, colleges and land agents.

They pride themselves on having access to the most efficient technology, machinery, and equipment to provide high-quality solutions for their customers. They are also accredited with the Amenity Assured standard, which assures customers that they are dealing with highly skilled local experts.

The South Walian team also have their own weed cutting boat that Sarah’s husband Chris operates. Since the withdrawal of herbicides that previously affected control of many problem weeds for their customers, this remarkably effective piece of equipment has been keeping recreational facilities clear of weed to enable activities such as angling and boating to continue safely.

The team is fully trained in the safe use of herbicides and can provide the best solutions for weed control needs, whether it be long-term herbicide control or physical solutions such as excavation and removal. They provide free site surveys and quotations, and all work is guaranteed. The company's health and safety policy, COSHH/risk, and method statements are also available for review before any work is carried out.

The South & Central Wales team is also a proud member of the Property Care Association (PCA), a trade body for contractors dealing with invasive weeds such as Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed and Himalayan Balsam. The PCA ensures that its members are implementing best practice standards of working.


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