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Local Gritting Services Available This Winter from National Contractor

Complete Ice Control is brought to you by the same people who deliver Complete Weed Control and has been introduced in response to the overwhelming need for a professional, reliable and trusted local gritting service to deal with snow and ice worries using the best tools and technology available.

If you run a fleet of vehicles from a central depot, or from several depots up and down the country, what is the cost to your business if your vehicles cannot get out of the yard and on to the main road network?

Gritting Services Available with CWC

If your fleet cannot get out on the road, then your business grinds to a halt. Even worse, if penalty clauses apply for late or missed deliveries, then not only are you paying the wages of those who can’t go anywhere, letting your customers down, you may actually have to fork out money on penalties.

None of this is good for business.

But, in Britain’s ever doubtful winters, what can you do about these problems? If you wake up one morning and nothing can get out on the road because your yard and access roads are iced-up and snowed over, what can be done? Complete Ice Control has the solution. 

Complete Ice Control is a private snow clearance and gritting operation with full national coverage. They specialise in making sure that essential private access areas are kept open through the worst of winter’s storms. They will get your trucks back on the road. 

Call Complete Ice Control and they will get to your stricken vehicles and clear and grit the area to get your fleet out on the road; though you must consider that, after a cold, cold night, they are likely to be pretty busy. That’s why Complete Ice Control has a much better solution for you to consider. 

Complete Ice Control subscribe to the MET Office Open-road weather forecast system, which gives them access to site-specific forecasts for each 24hr period. Also, Complete Ice Control pre-allocates stocks of salt specifically for customers’ sites and adds their locations to the forecasting system. They know when their customers are likely to have problems and can get out there before the weather hits.

The most effective way of making sure ice and snow do not form an un-navigable sheet across any area is to pre-treat it with salt or brine.  Using only pure, white, solar salt, which leaves no residue and is much more effective than standard rock-salt, the Complete Ice Control team can treat your ground before the ice forms, and keep your fleet on the move. They can also get the ploughs in to shift the snow when the fall is particularly heavy.

As well as keeping your business running, they can also keep your personnel safe. Employers have a duty of care of everyone on their premises, and a bad fall on un-cleared ice could cost tens of thousands of pounds in compensation.

So here is what Complete Ice Control offers. If you call them when your vehicles are stuck, they will come to your rescue as soon as they can. If you call them now however, they will keep an eye on the weather, and come to your rescue before your vehicles get stuck. And they will keep your staff safe too. 

This winter, let Complete Ice Control worry about the weather for you. They will keep your show on the road.

For more information, please contact Complete Ice Control’s National office on 01325 324 277 or visit You can also follow Complete Ice Control on Twitter @IceControl for more news, reviews and insightful views.

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