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The Weed-IT difference between us and your current contractor

There are considerable benefits when choosing Complete Weed Control as your weed control specialists. Our national teams of experienced experts operate responsively to our client’s demands with a range of services including highway weed control, fine turf applications and winter gritting services. We strive to provide an efficient service; we continuously look for new ways to innovate the application process in a safe and productive manner, benefitting both our clients and the public.

Cited as a ‘major advance in the field of weed control’, Weed-IT is exclusive to Complete Weed Control, so you won’t find it anywhere else in the UK.

Weed-IT uses infrared technology in conjunction with a computer-controlled herbicide application system designed for use on footpaths and hard surface areas. The system consists of a shrouded spraying head mounted onto a purpose-built articulated carrier vehicle. The sensor units detect the presence of weeds and trigger the appropriate spraying nozzles to accurately apply the correct amount of herbicide just to those weeds and their immediate surroundings. By identifying the location of the weeds and treating only that area, this results in chemical savings of up to 80% whilst reducing exposure to bystanders and increasing the safety for the operator.

Our Weed-IT technology increases productivity compared to that of traditional weed spraying methods, achieving 30-50km per day, covering larger areas in a shorter time frame so we can complete the job faster with the same outcome. The unique spray canopy allows for operation in windy conditions, so work can still be carried out with ease in weather conditions that would bring traditional spraying technologies to a standstill. Reducing herbicide use this has enabled many local authorities to meet their environmental objectives of reducing pesticide use, improving their weed control programmes and resulting in reduced complaints from the public.

Weed-IT is the most efficient mechanised means of applying herbicide to hard surfaces, why not book a demonstration to witness the results for yourself, contact us via info@completeweedcontrol.co.uk.

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